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Your (daily?) news feed!

We will attempt to post updates on the latest news here on [personal profile] directorwoon, to welcome some new faces, encourage more of you to come out and have fun, and all that falls in between. News can range between daily to every other day to weekly, depending on the flow and availability of mods! Obviously, if there is no news, then there will be no news feed.. :(

❶ Did you enjoy the Halloween party? If you missed it, fear not! Wednesday has another Halloween event for those who could not attend the party. How this particular event will work, is the entire school will become haunted from 6pm to 6am, all night. Entering certain buildings will allow you to experience something scary, educational (yay, education!), and fun. It's recommended you buddy up! If you want to join this event with a buddy, comment to this post to be paired for that day. Entering in this event can count toward your activity check as well. Further details tomorrow!

❷ Activity check. To ease everyone's minds, there will be no cuts for the month of October, and all and any activity check you've done for this month will pass on over to November. Hooray!

Notice to the Student Council: Since there is a decent council size, we recommend the council to take an active role in the school such as creating events, fundraisers, and welcoming new students. :D! And as for the other teams and clubs, asking for more funds, equipment, etc. should be taken up with the council, not the upper management, thank you!

❹ Now to give a warm welcome to the new(er) members:

Choi Minho - [personal profile] legged senior athletic #H103
He is your Soccer captain and Senior rep!
Lee Taemin - [personal profile] sixsteps dancing like this #H105
The dance club president! Welcome, welcome.

Lim Hyunsik - [personal profile] lim_hyunsik vaesolii #J103
has not chosen clubs yet

Huang Zitao - [personal profile] wushupanda beachstrolls #S109
has not chosen clubs yet
Im Jaebum - [personal profile] krylon aerosol high #S101
Our triple threat is in the art club, dance club, and swim team!

❺ Too lazy to manually add all these new journals? Just go here! The friend add tool has been updated.

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