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[002] The current happening things ('daily' news)

Finally able to make another update post! :)

❶ The Halloween event is still happening! Backlogging is available for until the end of the week to let everyone have the chance to play with this event and get an activity checked off.

❷ The friend-add tool has been updated, so if you haven't used it recently, it's recommended that you do.

❸ Did you know students can post on [community profile] seoulhigh? If you're president of a club or captain of a team, we will need a club post created by you on [community profile] seoulhigh as a catch-all post for recruiting new members, and providing helpful information on what your extra-curricular is about. There is no set deadline on when it should be done by, but it will be linked to on the Clubs post. The post will also act as a type of member-only board for members to comment and chatter. You don't have to make it pretty or know HTML, so put what you think is relevant in the post! ^^

New muses highlight:

Do Kyungsoo. [personal profile] starings earth tremblings #S105
This guy joined the Glee club.
Kim Kibum. [personal profile] bongbong no longer available #S103
waiting on clubs!

Byun Baekhyun. [personal profile] kkab sun.shining #J107
has not chosen clubs yet
Zhang Yixing. [personal profile] yi_xing #J105
Your Junior representative who is also on the soccer team.

Things you can ask for in the support post:
- changing your icon on the claims list
- any errors on the mod's part
- not getting blast invites
- others not listed

That will be all for tonight! Remember, classes still begin at 8am. :) And don't do drugs.