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[003] Hello, students!

It's been a week since we last caught up, haven't we? Let's begin!

❶ A week into November, and the weather is getting pretty nippy, hasn't it? Stay tuned for the First Snow which could be coming near the end of November or even sooner, if last year is any indication.

❷ Are you having some difficulty with starting a scene or maybe a bit on the shy side to reach out? That is the purpose of clubs, to give a bit more familiarity between students, so do try to reach out to your fellow members. However! There will be an introduction post which I encourage all students to join in a comment, looking for like values, like interests, clubs, anything, and just do with whichever fancies you. It will be at [community profile] seoulhigh tomorrow.

❸ The Friend add tool, and Clubs post has been updated! Stay tuned for the dorms post, and campus map coming by the end of the week. (Pretty sure you'd really like to know how the campus looks like, right?)

❹ If you haven't stopped by to check out the candy gram organised by our lovely Student Council, do make someone's day and send one!

New muses highlight:

Lee Sungjong. [personal profile] lovenoms fadeintolove #F107
He's the Freshman Representative! Also a part of drama and dance club.
Choi Minki. [personal profile] funkier wintertime boy #F109
An artsy type, in the drama, photography and art club!

none :(

Jung Ilhoon. [personal profile] hoobae jjangilhoon #J109
He's joined dance and soccer!

Kim Jonghyun. [personal profile] vocalshift bling n ur dead #H107
has not joined clubs yet.
Seo Eunkwang. [personal profile] seonbae seo seo fantastic #H109
Another soccer member, this one also likes to do musicals with the Glee club.

Please give them warm welcomes and help them to settle into the community. :)

Upper Management

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