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Director Woon ([personal profile] directorwoon) wrote2012-12-05 12:54 am
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I am in need of actual moderating assistance. The temporary hand has stepped off so once again I cannot moderate the community and attend to regular duties most likely for the rest of the month. :( Sincerely sorry it has come to this.

These are the options I am willing to follow through should there be interest of either:

1. Elect a couple of moderators that would not like to see the community die
2. Close the community entirely
3. There is no option 3...? Other suggestions?

That is all, thank you! And for the moment while this is being sorted, cuts will not occur. All muses are still a part of the community until after this matter has been settled.

Should you choose Option 1, I would prefer someone who already is a part of the student council, and another who understands editing HTML and a bit of CSS wouldn't hurt. :)

Anyone interested in becoming moderator to save the community, please send a PM. Thanks for your patience. :(

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