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2012-12-05 12:54 am
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I am in need of actual moderating assistance. The temporary hand has stepped off so once again I cannot moderate the community and attend to regular duties most likely for the rest of the month. :( Sincerely sorry it has come to this.

These are the options I am willing to follow through should there be interest of either:

1. Elect a couple of moderators that would not like to see the community die
2. Close the community entirely
3. There is no option 3...? Other suggestions?

That is all, thank you! And for the moment while this is being sorted, cuts will not occur. All muses are still a part of the community until after this matter has been settled.

Should you choose Option 1, I would prefer someone who already is a part of the student council, and another who understands editing HTML and a bit of CSS wouldn't hurt. :)

Anyone interested in becoming moderator to save the community, please send a PM. Thanks for your patience. :(
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2012-11-08 02:11 am
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[003] Hello, students!

It's been a week since we last caught up, haven't we? Let's begin!

❶ A week into November, and the weather is getting pretty nippy, hasn't it? Stay tuned for the First Snow which could be coming near the end of November or even sooner, if last year is any indication.

❷ Are you having some difficulty with starting a scene or maybe a bit on the shy side to reach out? That is the purpose of clubs, to give a bit more familiarity between students, so do try to reach out to your fellow members. However! There will be an introduction post which I encourage all students to join in a comment, looking for like values, like interests, clubs, anything, and just do with whichever fancies you. It will be at [community profile] seoulhigh tomorrow.

❸ The Friend add tool, and Clubs post has been updated! Stay tuned for the dorms post, and campus map coming by the end of the week. (Pretty sure you'd really like to know how the campus looks like, right?)

❹ If you haven't stopped by to check out the candy gram organised by our lovely Student Council, do make someone's day and send one!

New muses highlight:

Lee Sungjong. [personal profile] lovenoms fadeintolove #F107
He's the Freshman Representative! Also a part of drama and dance club.
Choi Minki. [personal profile] funkier wintertime boy #F109
An artsy type, in the drama, photography and art club!

none :(

Jung Ilhoon. [personal profile] hoobae jjangilhoon #J109
He's joined dance and soccer!

Kim Jonghyun. [personal profile] vocalshift bling n ur dead #H107
has not joined clubs yet.
Seo Eunkwang. [personal profile] seonbae seo seo fantastic #H109
Another soccer member, this one also likes to do musicals with the Glee club.

Please give them warm welcomes and help them to settle into the community. :)

Upper Management
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2012-11-01 12:48 am
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[002] The current happening things ('daily' news)

Finally able to make another update post! :)

❶ The Halloween event is still happening! Backlogging is available for until the end of the week to let everyone have the chance to play with this event and get an activity checked off.

❷ The friend-add tool has been updated, so if you haven't used it recently, it's recommended that you do.

❸ Did you know students can post on [community profile] seoulhigh? If you're president of a club or captain of a team, we will need a club post created by you on [community profile] seoulhigh as a catch-all post for recruiting new members, and providing helpful information on what your extra-curricular is about. There is no set deadline on when it should be done by, but it will be linked to on the Clubs post. The post will also act as a type of member-only board for members to comment and chatter. You don't have to make it pretty or know HTML, so put what you think is relevant in the post! ^^

New muses highlight:

Do Kyungsoo. [personal profile] starings earth tremblings #S105
This guy joined the Glee club.
Kim Kibum. [personal profile] bongbong no longer available #S103
waiting on clubs!

Byun Baekhyun. [personal profile] kkab sun.shining #J107
has not chosen clubs yet
Zhang Yixing. [personal profile] yi_xing #J105
Your Junior representative who is also on the soccer team.

Things you can ask for in the support post:
- changing your icon on the claims list
- any errors on the mod's part
- not getting blast invites
- others not listed

That will be all for tonight! Remember, classes still begin at 8am. :) And don't do drugs.

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2012-10-29 08:01 pm

Your (daily?) news feed!

We will attempt to post updates on the latest news here on [personal profile] directorwoon, to welcome some new faces, encourage more of you to come out and have fun, and all that falls in between. News can range between daily to every other day to weekly, depending on the flow and availability of mods! Obviously, if there is no news, then there will be no news feed.. :(

❶ Did you enjoy the Halloween party? If you missed it, fear not! Wednesday has another Halloween event for those who could not attend the party. How this particular event will work, is the entire school will become haunted from 6pm to 6am, all night. Entering certain buildings will allow you to experience something scary, educational (yay, education!), and fun. It's recommended you buddy up! If you want to join this event with a buddy, comment to this post to be paired for that day. Entering in this event can count toward your activity check as well. Further details tomorrow!

❷ Activity check. To ease everyone's minds, there will be no cuts for the month of October, and all and any activity check you've done for this month will pass on over to November. Hooray!

Notice to the Student Council: Since there is a decent council size, we recommend the council to take an active role in the school such as creating events, fundraisers, and welcoming new students. :D! And as for the other teams and clubs, asking for more funds, equipment, etc. should be taken up with the council, not the upper management, thank you!

❹ Now to give a warm welcome to the new(er) members:

Choi Minho - [personal profile] legged senior athletic #H103
He is your Soccer captain and Senior rep!
Lee Taemin - [personal profile] sixsteps dancing like this #H105
The dance club president! Welcome, welcome.

Lim Hyunsik - [personal profile] lim_hyunsik vaesolii #J103
has not chosen clubs yet

Huang Zitao - [personal profile] wushupanda beachstrolls #S109
has not chosen clubs yet
Im Jaebum - [personal profile] krylon aerosol high #S101
Our triple threat is in the art club, dance club, and swim team!

❺ Too lazy to manually add all these new journals? Just go here! The friend add tool has been updated.
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2012-10-27 12:36 am
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Week 1: Welcome!

[community profile] seoulhigh opened rather nicely, and modestly! Hopefully we can continue to improve and bring more content as the days go by. Let's get some technical stuff out of the way first, give you some things to do. :)

Claims list update! As you might have noticed, the claims list undertook a major face lift (the previous one.. I don't know what I was thinking) and you might have noticed the little link under everyone's section saying 'profile'. If you do have another link you'd rather have it change to, head on over to here.

Blasts! The invites for Seoul High and OOC Seoul High have been sent out, so if you didn't get your invite, let us know here. The first blast is to be used IC only, please remember that! The OOC chat is good to look for someone to scene, but do keep the conversation related to the community.

❸ The dormitory post is on its way, coming to a community near you..

❹ Plot, scene, mingle, etc. This can be achieved in a number of ways: poke around for a scene, post an open thread at [community profile] seoulhighlogs, or create an introduction on [community profile] seoulhigh.

❺ Promoting! Any suggestions on where to promote? Feel free to do some promotions yourself to fill spots you'd like filled.


There is going to be a halloween party to kick start the school. :)!!

Where: Haengbok Hall
When: Sunday, October 28 starting at 9pm EST
Dress: Come in a costume

There will be a costume contest, so dress to impress!
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2012-10-22 11:00 pm
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