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[community profile] seoulhigh opened rather nicely, and modestly! Hopefully we can continue to improve and bring more content as the days go by. Let's get some technical stuff out of the way first, give you some things to do. :)

Claims list update! As you might have noticed, the claims list undertook a major face lift (the previous one.. I don't know what I was thinking) and you might have noticed the little link under everyone's section saying 'profile'. If you do have another link you'd rather have it change to, head on over to here.

Blasts! The invites for Seoul High and OOC Seoul High have been sent out, so if you didn't get your invite, let us know here. The first blast is to be used IC only, please remember that! The OOC chat is good to look for someone to scene, but do keep the conversation related to the community.

❸ The dormitory post is on its way, coming to a community near you..

❹ Plot, scene, mingle, etc. This can be achieved in a number of ways: poke around for a scene, post an open thread at [community profile] seoulhighlogs, or create an introduction on [community profile] seoulhigh.

❺ Promoting! Any suggestions on where to promote? Feel free to do some promotions yourself to fill spots you'd like filled.


There is going to be a halloween party to kick start the school. :)!!

Where: Haengbok Hall
When: Sunday, October 28 starting at 9pm EST
Dress: Come in a costume

There will be a costume contest, so dress to impress!


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